Innovation Bathrooms and Kitchens

WordPress Revitalization, SEO Mastery, and Dynamic Content Strategy

innovation bathrooms and kitchens

Revamping innovation bathrooms and kitchens

The owner of Innovation Bathrooms and Kitchens faced a challenge—a stagnant website that didn’t align with the evolving goals and rebranded identity of the company.

Navigating Change: Adapting to New Services

With a clear goal to showcase the expanded services, particularly the addition of kitchens, the project aimed to seamlessly integrate this shift without a complete redesign. Flexibility became key in adapting to a site built by a different agency.

WordPress Adaptability: Unlocking the Power of WPBakery

Despite inheriting a website built by another agency, we leveraged the adaptability of WordPress and the WPBakery plugin. This allowed us to efficiently remove outdated services and introduce over 20 new pages detailing the newly emphasized kitchen offerings.

Portfolio Showcase: Curating Years of Expertise

In addition to the service shift, the project included showcasing years’ worth of portfolio jobs. This not only highlighted the expertise but also provided an opportunity for a fresh perspective on the website’s copywriting.

SEO Overhaul: Elevating Visibility with Strategic Content

A critical aspect of the project involved an SEO-focused approach. Rewording and strategically applying keywords throughout the content aimed to enhance the website’s visibility and drive up Google rankings.

Future-Proofing with Content Strategy

Looking ahead, the project envisions supplementing the new pages with an ongoing digital marketing campaign. Regular blogging and portfolio updates will be key components, ensuring the dynamic content of Innovation Bathrooms and Kitchens stays relevant and engaging.

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