Angel Face Aesthetics

Astra-Powered Wordpress Site with SEO Driven Growth

Angel Face Aesthetics

Angel Face Aesthetics - Establishing A Digital Pressence

Angel Face Aesthetics transitioned from social media advertising to a dynamic online presence through a static brochure website. Leveraging the Astra theme’s flexible, fast, and customizable features, we crafted a site that not only matched their established brand identity but also stood out with its colorful, playful style and uniquely designed page elements.

Multi-Phased Project for Optimal Results

The project with Angel Face Aesthetics unfolded in multiple phases. Initially focused on cost-effective solutions, we launched a compact website. As the business recognized the benefits of an online presence, they willingly invested more, leading to an expanded and enriched site.

Enhancing Visibility Through SEO Strategies

In phase two, we concentrated on driving organic traffic from Google. Recognizing the critical role of SEO, we expanded the site’s pages to incorporate relevant content. Applying effective SEO frameworks and keyword tracking, we successfully increased organic site traffic by 300%, subsequently boosting their bookings.

Ongoing Collaboration for Continuous Growth

Our collaboration with Angel Face Aesthetics is ongoing, with a focus on continuous growth. Rather than relying on premium booking platforms, the business aims to integrate a cost-effective booking system directly into their website. This strategic move not only reduces costs but also grants them control over the booking workflow.

Future Outlook: Stay Tuned for Updates

As Angel Face Aesthetics continues to evolve digitally, our ongoing project promises further updates. Watch this space for the latest developments as we work collaboratively to enhance their site, optimize costs, and empower their online booking system.

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