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Angel Face Aesthetics

Angel Face Aesthetics

Establishing a Digital Presence with Astra Theme Angel Face Aesthetics transitioned from social media advertising to a dynamic online presence through a static brochure website. Leveraging the Astra theme’s flexible, fast, and customizable features, we crafted a site that not only matched their established brand identity but also stood out with its colorful, playful style …

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innovation bathrooms and kitchens

Innovation Bathrooms and Kitchens

Revamping Innovation: Unveiling a Fresh Digital Identity The owner of Innovation Bathrooms and Kitchens faced a challenge—a stagnant website that didn’t align with the evolving goals and rebranded identity of the company. Navigating Change: Adapting to New Services With a clear goal to showcase the expanded services, particularly the addition of kitchens, the project aimed …

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Eminent computers

Eminent Computers

Establishing Eminent Computers: Crafting a Brochure Site The aim for Eminent Computers was to develop a static brochure site, serving as a promotional platform for a local company’s array of services. Astra Theme Magic: Elevating Professionalism and Modern Appeal Leveraging the Astra theme, we elevated the website’s aesthetic, infusing it with professionalism and a modern …

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capelli london home-page

Capelli London

Capelli Londons Visionary Expansion Capelli London, a leading hair extensionist business, embarked on a transformative journey to expand its services beyond master classes and fittings. Driven by owner Jess’s vision, the goal was to establish an online store catering to both B2B and B2C customers, offering diverse pricing tiers, deals, and coupons, all while maintaining …

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